Why should I work with Tin Can Studios?

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I have years of experience in print design and website design, and know how to build your project to meet the current media standards. You can count on me to know what will and won’t work to ensure that your business will not just have a nice website or product, but have a beautiful, beneficial product that will help you grow. I also know how to make your website run smoothly, using special techniques that ensure fast web page load times without sacrificing image and graphic quality. My design and coding is also up to the current W3C standards as seen by clicking the links below.
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In addition, I am a firm believer in direct communication. I don’t outsource my design work. When we discuss your project, you will be talking with the person who is actually working on your project whether it be design, coding, or publishing. This allows for direct feedback and quality discussion about the possibilities for your project.

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