Guitars 4 Troops is a non-profit organization that donates guitars to our servicemen and women overseas.

I heard the story about guitars4troops on an NPR radio segment, and was very impressed with the idea. I visited the website and saw that it was a very basic website that, with all of its media coverage, had much more potential to generate more exposure and update the look than was currently being utilized. I emailed Robin Weber, the owner of the website and operator of guitars4troops to see if she would be interested in working with me to revamp the website.

Both my parents served in the military, so I know how important supporting our troops overseas is. My father missed us tremendously while in service in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, and if providing a simple relief like a guitar can help him, I think that organizing to send guitars is an effort worth supporting.

I also play guitar myself, and have since I was 12 or 13, (I’m 29 now). The endeavor resonated doubly with me as both a guitar player, and a family member of two parents who took time away from their children to serve.

I donated my time and services to recreate the guitars4troops website. I used WordPress to allow a dialog via comments to posts between those donating guitars and the servicemen and women who were receiving them overseas. This was a great opportunity to combine several passions of mine, music, design, and a desire to support those who leave their lives and families to serve for us back at home.

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